be·lieve (bĭ-lēv′) v. To accept or regard as true or real; to have confidence in the truth or value of something

Based in the evidence of my experience, being a believer is the best way to be for me. I suppos I believe in believing as a choice. To believe is to hope, to be positive, to let go, to strive, to rest, to trust. The intention and action of my life is the best evidence of what I believe. And while I don’t take my “self” too seriously (I’m just figuring it out as I go, like everybody else), I do take the rare and incredible chance to exist very seriously.

I believe there is Right and Wrong. I believe in Inspiration. I believe “I” existed before mortal birth and will continue to “live” beyond mortal death. I believe in reciprocity – that what you want is what you get – both in spirit and in body. I believe in God, and in Satan, and that my choices bring me closer to one or to the other. I believe in the magic and wonder of Miracles. I believe in the law of the harvest, or Karma; that good comes to those who do good.   Angels are real, as are Demons. I don’t disbelieve what I don’t know; there is much I know I don’t know, and there is even more I don’t know that I don’t know. I believe in a Supreme Creator, and I believe in Evolution.  I believe in Justice; I believe in Mercy. Super-powers and Super-heroes are real. I believe Mortality is a short yet pivotal experience in our Eternal existence. I believe in being Kind. I believe animals and plants and Earth have Spirits. I believe there is something very special about Children. I believe intelligent life forms exists beyond the infantile bounds of human exploration and understand. I believe in every kind of Freedom.

I am so strongly persuaded that the true nature of our existence is spiritual and eternal that I struggle to function well in this mortal, temporal sphere.  My paradigm is rooted in a reality that cannot be seen with mortal eyes or discerned by mere human intelligence. I am ever mindful that there is an unseen World surrounding us, inhabited by sentient Beings who continually interact with mortals, seeking to persuade our actions by influencing our very thoughts and feelings.

And, there’s more to be said…

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